Meet the 2019-2020 FIST President

Isabell Deem will be a senior this year at Angola High School and is serving as the new president of Forever Improving Steuben County Together. FIST, a youth-led philanthropy organization, is supported by Steuben County Community Foundation. Isabell will lead members in 8th-12th grade from local schools to plan service projects, work with local nonprofit organizations, and review grant proposals.

Many of the programs FIST students arrange require planning months in advance. Isabell hopes to make improvements to planning so programs are more effective. She also looks forward to working with the school systems and the community organizations that young people are familiar with to make Steuben County better for the youth. Recently, a student from Pleasant Lake Elementary School recognized Isabell and other FIST members at a local event because of a philanthropy program they led earlier in the year. She recalled with excitement that students they worked with remembered who they were.

When asked about her hopes for the coming year, she stated, “I want to help inspire other members to lead, and to make the biggest impact that we can.” Isabell’s favorite part of FIST is the people who put their time and energy into working towards a common goal of bettering the community. She shared that the way our community can quickly and easily come together continues to blow her mind. From programs like Trick-or-Treat for Canned Goods or Liv It Up, it is easy to see Steuben County wants to help.

Isabell shared that FIST has helped her to feel like a “go-getter” and has bolstered her confidence. She has gained valuable skills from working with a variety of people and organizations in Steuben County. Isabell is an active member of her community outside of FIST as well, working with Leaders Save Lives to organize a blood drive, serving as president of Key Club, serving on the Mayor’s Youth Council, National Honor Society, and Student Council, mentoring younger students through the SWARM mentorship program, and competing in Academic Bowl and on the golf team. She will also be learning more about Health Sciences through the Health Occupations Education course this year. Isabell plans to pursue a medical career after high school with hopes to study Chemistry or Bio-Chemistry at college.

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