Meet the team

Brenda Shipe

Secretary, Board of Directors
Grants Committee
Women’s Fund Committee

“I think SCCF is at the root of the county. It doesn’t matter which small town you’re from, everyone can be joined here for a common cause.”

Brenda Shipe was born and raised in Steuben County, and she’s lived here her whole life. Brenda graduated from Prairie Heights High School, married her high school sweetheart, Rick, and has four children and six grandchildren. She started bookkeeping for her husband’s family business and became interested in accounting work.

Then in 1999, the Steuben County Community Foundation offered the Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship to a non-traditional student, and Brenda was selected as the recipient! She earned her accounting degree from Tri-State, now Trine University, and opened a firm 9 years ago with her co-owner. She said that receiving the Lilly opened doors to jobs and opportunities she didn’t have before. Now, she’s excited to give back to the community by serving on our board of directors.

Brenda is excited about new ideas and the challenge of using SCCF’s funds in the most effective way to benefit local nonprofits and the community. She knows that many children in the community are in difficult situations and could easily fall through the cracks. Brenda hopes to find ways for SCCF to support families and children’s services that go beyond what the schools are able to do because she strongly believes that kids are our future.

Brenda has remained connected with SCCF since receiving the scholarship, and she has served on the grants committee since 2011. In addition to SCCF, she’s also involved in the Steuben County 4-H and attends Fairview Missionary Church and Pleasant View Church of Christ.

Like many, Brenda loves calling Steuben County home for a variety of reasons. From the small communities to the unique resources in the area, Brenda has enjoyed watching the county change while remaining familiar. In her free time, Brenda loves spending time with her family and enjoying the outdoors. She appreciates how unique Steuben County is, with lakes and farms and small, friendly communities. Brenda is a great addition to our board, with many connections across the community in addition to her accounting background.

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