Nonprofit Spotlight: Cameron Hospital Foundation

Cameron Memorial Community Hospital has been a staple nonprofit organization in Steuben County for almost 100 years. The Cameron Foundation was established to support the mission of the hospital and to provide resources that improve the community overall. The foundation’s mission is to, “Improve the quality of life for those we serve through relationships focused on health and wellness.” The Cameron Foundation makes an impact by focusing on areas that directly affect health and wellness needs in Steuben County. Some of these needs include state-of-the-art training and resources, expansion of hospital programs, services and community education, and continued advances in meeting the medical needs of the community. Krista Miller, Executive Director at the Cameron Foundation, attributes the ability to provide resources to the community to their excellent leadership and staff.

Not only does the Cameron Foundation provide resources to help improve the lives of community members, but they also collaborate with other organizations and nonprofit groups in order to make Steuben County a better place. They have worked with the YMCA, JDAI, and Purdue Extension to implement programs that assist with the health and wellness of the community.

Krista Miller shared that she stays motivated in her role by, “Continuously looking for opportunities to improve, streamlining procedures, and relaying the message of why the organization does what they do.” In addition to collaborating with other nonprofits and contributing to health initiatives throughout the community, Cameron Hospital is important to the community because they provide extensive services and a variety of healthcare options that are offered to individuals close to home.

Like most nonprofit organizations, the Cameron Foundation relies on generous support from individuals, corporations, and grants. By providing the gift of health and wellness to those in need, the Cameron Foundation is making a difference in Steuben County and surrounding areas.

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