Nonprofit Spotlight: Downtown Angola Coalition

The goal of the Downtown Angola Coalition (DAC) is to promote the heartbeat of the community and encourage people to see the area around the mound as a destination worth visiting. Recently, there has been an increased emphasis across the state to invest in the main street businesses and attractions in our towns. DAC started as a grassroots organization, gathering people who were interested in the downtown area to serve as board members and volunteers for events. DAC provides a unique benefit to the community of Angola by organizing events for the public to enjoy and working behind the scenes on some beautification projects. They are continually looking towards the future, and their board members aren’t afraid to roll-up their sleeves and get the work done.

“We continue to be motivated knowing that we’re growing as an independent group, and that people are beginning to come to DAC, both offering and asking for help,” said Pat Schlosser, a DAC board member. Some of their events have included Angola Art Fest, which will take place again August 3, 2019, as well as the arrival of Santa and wagon rides during the holidays. In addition to events, DAC hopes to build its abilities to support the economic development of downtown businesses.

Like many organizations, one challenge they face is visibility and fundraising. Events require a large, committed volunteer base. “We’re always trying to get more people involved in DAC and our events,” said Pat. To accomplish their big goals, DAC collaborates with many local businesses and nonprofits, such as Cahoots, as well as the City of Angola and the Steuben County Tourism Bureau. They’re actively involved in the “Paint the Town” mural project and alley activation, and they hope these projects are just the beginning of increased engagement in the downtown area.

Community is about building memories and connections to a place where everyone comes together, and DAC continues to play a vital role in providing opportunities for people to make those memories in Angola.

Pictured above is Pat Schlosser, John Mowry, and Lou Ann Homan of DAC

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